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LightHouse Locate

LightHouse Locate

LightHouse Locate shows lighthouses and the light characteristic

More then 660 swedish lighthouses.

Sound a lighthouses etc.

Morse SOS helps you in an emergency situation. The app use the touch to send morse signal.

Your current location can be sent as text message or mail etc.

It presents navigation flags as you type.

Temp Convert

TempConvert shows the local temperature. The temperature's are shown in 4 different values (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin and Réaumur. As som extra info the weather, wind speed, wind direction and longitude and latitude is shown.

Vibration Detect

The Vibration Detect program uses the motion sensor to detect vibrations.

Place your IPHONE on the equipment you like to messure vibrations. 

Hit the START button to start.

There will be a two sec. delay to prevent from vibrations at startup.

The default messure time is 10 seconds and the sensitivty is default set to medium.

The app will plot a graph in the selected time. For every second a horizontal line will be drawn. 

The messurment graph can be saved or mailed etc. when you hit the SHARE button.

The INFO button shows some help.

World Flags II

Shows almost all flags in the world and som information about the selected country.

United States of America include all state flags and som territories. Information about US states.

Also the states in EU (Europe Union).

The Great Britain states is also included.


The EaZyConvert converts from and to more than 500 units. If you change the "from language" (left), the unit type language will also be changed. Use the SHARE button to save the conversion. This text will also change language if you change the from language. All translations is done with help from GOOGLE TRANSLATE

My Calc

Easy to use calutator. Prints history

Padle Tennis

A small and easy game


Finds primenumbers

Step by the sliders one bt one

Step to next prime number

Resistor color calc

Resistor color calculator. Works for four and five bands resistors.

By changing the color pickers the color bands changes on the resistor

Displays the color code for 4 and 5 bands resistors.

One can also type the value to convert to color bands. The app remembers the 4 or 5 bands colours when switching between 4/5.

The values can be copied to the clipboard for easy access to email etc.

In the watch app the functions is almost the same. A "how to use" is embedded in the watch app. The CROWN is used to change colors.

Below the start screen is the switch to change between 4 and bands resistor.

Make sure that the color picker is selected when you turn the crown

Tap the region where the color "picker" is located at the bottom of the first screen.

New/old Presidents

Lists all presidents with dates, pictures and more…

Filter function for dem, rep, whig and more..


Voltage Drop calculates the voltage case in DC circuits. It contains many conductors as Silver, Cooper, Gold etc.

The area mm2 can easy be changed to American Wire Gauge system.

Meter or feet.

Range feet/length/meter 1 to 300

Range Ampere 1 to 100

Range AMG 4/0 to 30

Range mm2 1 to 100


Best seller!!

Calylates aquarium size. Gives glass thickness and cut list for the glass sheets. Volume, weight and price is given.